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ISATrader is the first company in the Forex sphere who uses a design thinking approach to solve traders problems. Our experts have a unique intersection of deep expertise in trading and software designing for the finance industry.

Why we do this

The technical entry threshold to the industry is much lower than the threshold of required knowledge, many new traders don’t understand basics and as a result they lose money and sometimes lose much more in their life. On the other side brokers need more experienced traders, who has longer lifetime as a profitable trader, first of all they will get more commissions, more trust from newbies, which is vital and last but not least brokers will get much more opportunities to make big money with allocations and investment programs when they have more professional traders. Based on our experience most traders fail because they skip the initial basics and just randomly start trading. We see our mission in helping new traders to get prepared before they start trade, understand all the risks, select the strategy wisely and provide all required tools and information right away in one place.


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