Learn Basics of Trading
and Markets

Before you open any account and start trading, you need to learn the basic concepts of language and Forex terms. Also note that most financial regulators require from brokers to check trader’s knowledge before opening ac account. BTW, if you can open a live trading account with a broker without any knowledge test, make sure that this broker can be trusted.

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1.1 Understand the Lingo.

Start with the basic terms, read their meaning in different sources to understand well, for example, you can start with this resources:

Forex Glossary

So as not to get lost in all of Forex terms we selected the mandatory list for you.

More Terms

Big glossary with simple and clear definitions of every term that trader faces.

1.2 Acquaint Yourself With the trading.

If you have already decided to seriously engage in Forex trading, surround yourself with this information. Read economic news that directly impact on the market, follow the presentations of large corporations, read trading books, watch videos, follow thematic social networks.

Economic News

The thread of select important events separated from all the media noise around.

Yahoo Finance

One of the best information portals, all news and events in one place. Should be your daily read.

Investing News

Good selection of finance and trading related news and events.

1.3 Build some knowledge.

You always need to learn, but this is especially important when you take the first steps in trading domain. Do not rush to dive into technical analysis, start with some simple basic courses, for example Baby pips or similar


Great Forex trading courses which have simple narrative and absolutely free.

Forex School

Great free Forex trading courses covering wide range of topics, good for different levels.

Platinum Trading Academy

Another option of free Forex trading courses.

2. Set up goals
and expectations