Define Your
Trading Strategy

Strategy is one of the most important components of successful trading. The strategy allows you to go to the goal despite the current events. Creating a strategy first of all requires experience, and throughout your professional activity you will refine, modify and improve your strategy, but most importantly you must understand its role and importance. You can start creating your strategy with the following points.

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3.1 Setup a Trading Strategy

To begin with, it is enough to formulate a trading strategy based on your goals, since to achieve each goal you need your own strategy. It is important to formulate and write down this strategy, it will be your personal guide in daily trading.

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Create Strategy

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3.2 Decide either Speculate or invest

Two cardinal differences, quick profit on fluctuations and a long game. Learn the main differences between these two approaches. Take the test to see which approach is best for you.

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Key Differences

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3.3 Define your Enter/Exit strategy

One of the main strategies that you must prescribe for yourself, never trade without clearly described rules for entering / exiting a trade.

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4. Practice and test
your strategy