Practice and test your
Trading strategy

Everything is ready, but before trading real money, you sould practice on virtual ones. Almost every broker allows you to open a demo account. In this case, you work in a real trading terminal with real data, but the money is virtual, you lose nothing and gain nothing. This will allow you to understand the mechanics of trading, study the terminal software, see how different symbols differ, and try your strategies. But remember that when trading in real money, psychology will change, so stress and mistakes, will come into play.

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4.1 Select a broker

In general, for a demo account there is no difference in the broker, the main thing is that specific broker has an option to open a demo account. But it’s very likely that you will continue trading with the broker you have started, so you can immediately choose a good broker, or you can try a demo from several brokers to check the difference. For the initial decision, you can use the comparison tables of Forex brokers.

Compare Brokers

Selection of all important data about Forex brokers in one place.

4.2 Open Demo account

Opening a demo account is usually simple, quick, and will allow you to understand how efficiently and conveniently the broker's processes work.

Open Demo

Direct links to open Demo account for every Forex broker.

4.3 practice simulation games

If trading with demo account in real trading terminal seems complex for you try a simulator game that in a simplified form introduces you to trading and helps you get prepared before you start working with the real trading terminal. A newby trader could be scared with interface and usability of the trading terminal and they will not be able to understand the basic principles. In this case such games will come in handy.

Oh My George

Invest on the financial markets with a playful and minimalistic trading interface.

Forex Hero

iOS and Android free trading simulator game.

Forex Game

iOS and Android free trading simulator game.

The Trading Game

Free Forex trading simulator game for iOS and Android.

5. Trade with
Live account