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There is always a “what’s next” question. In Forex trading there are many options of further growth for experienced traders, when you have enough practice and you can demonstrate consistent and stable results and professional knowledge of the subject area, the new opportunities for earning will become available for you.

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6.1 Take part in competitions

Quite often brokers hold competitions when the best traders can get a fairly large prize in cash or as funding of trading account. Check the news and events sections on brokers’ web-sites as well as their social medias to find out about upcoming competitions.

Demo Forex Contests

Demo Forex Contests.

Forex Contests

All Forex Trading Contests for Live and Demo accounts.

6.2 Take part in allocation programs

Allocation programs let a trader get access to larger funds and other people's capital, therefore, open larger transactions and get more profit. Check your broker web-site to find information about allocation program and its rules.


Allocation Program from Darwinex.


Allocation Program from AxiTrader broker and PsyQuation platform.

6.3 Try copy trading

When you participate as a pro trader at copy trading platforms, the investors will be able to copy your transactions but with their own capital, and the profit will be divided between you, the investor and the service. Similar to allocation program, copy trading will let you get more profit with the same effort. Also you can try yourself as investor and copy other traders instead.

Copy Trading

Get familiar with copy trading term.


Winner its easy-to-use copy-trading platform where traders can copy other trades.


Provides forex traders with a unique social copy trading community that enables investors to buy and sell trader-developed strategies.

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