Establish Your Purpose
For Trading

It is very important to correctly understand all the opportunities, risks and expectations of trading. In the advertising of most brokers, you will see young happy people who relax on a tropical island under a palm tree, periodically looking at the phone and saying that they are millionaires. Yes, with this approach you can become a millionaire, but only if before that you were already a billionaire. Our task is to help the novice trader take the right steps and put the right questions at the very beginning, which will help to avoid illusions and ultimately succeed.

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1. Learn Basics of Trading and Markets

How to acquaint yourself with trading? Where to learn the basics, the must-know lingo and how to build some basic knowledge?

2. Set up goals and expectations

Why financial literacy is important? Do you understand the risks? Do you know your risk resistance? Have you defined your trading goals and priorities?

3. Define Trading Strategy

How to setup your trading strategy? Speculating or investing? What is enter/exit strategy?

4. Practice and test your strategy

How to open a demo account? With which broker? How to practice in a simulator?

5. Trade with Live account

Where and how to find a reliable broker? How to keep learning? What can help you to analyze your trading progress?

6. Become a pro trader

What is compatitions, allocation programs and copy trading? Where to find them and how to take part?

Directory of useful resources

Forex Glossary

So as not to get lost in all of Forex terms we selected the mandatory list for you.

Economic News

The thread of select important events separated from all the media noise around.

Yahoo Finance

One of the best information portals, all news and events in one place. Should be your daily read.


Great Forex trading courses which have simple narrative and absolutely free.

Risks for Beginners

Actually not only for beginners but every trader has to consider these risks.

Compare Brokers

Selection of all important data about Forex brokers in one place

Oh My George

Invest on the financial markets with a playful and minimalistic trading interface.


Online automated analytical tool for your forex trading account and a social forex community first of its kind.


Connect your live or demo account for free and get ultimate analytics on your trades.

Monitor Forex

Detailed overview of global markets performance, including change value, Open, High, Low and Close values etc.

Monitor Stocks

Detailed overview of global markets performance, including change value, Open, High, Low and Close values etc.

Monitor Crypto

Most of the available crypto assets, sorted based on the market capitalization.